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Starts off at a romantic dinner table for two,the year is 1983,Careless whispers in the back ground.Daddy laying his mack down,later that night…sexual exercise.Born athlete! I was the fastest sperm.My first travel into female fertile land.Smangaliso I was to named since my grandad”s name was Amos and he was married to a lovely woman named Maria and she was no longer a virgin-I was to inherit the same fate but this is not a miracle,I”ve been walking on water before my mom”s water broke and they cut my umbilical.I must say, that was the deepest cut and when I touch there I still feel it,like any other baby I was born screaming but the nurses thought I was singing.They wrapped me in a white towel symbolic of an angel.They handed me over to mummy and with tears in her eyes,she said Ofentse ke leina la mosimane O.(meaning,Ofentse is the name of the boy).Papa are ke Amos,just like his Grand Dad.That was to be my christian name and Ofentse was to be my government name.As usual grand ma had to raise the babies….



Hi, my name is Amos Ofentse Tapile.I Grew up in my grandma”s house in a small royal village of the Bafokeng tribe called Phokeng.I”ve always been adventurous and at the age of 5,I couldn”t stand pre-school so I dropped out!no I didn”t,LOL. I had a big brother who was already in primary school & I couldn”t understand why we didn”t go to the same school- So I became a bully and terrorised the whole creche.I always had the nicest girls and I remember the one named Queen from the photos of my 4 year birthday Party.Any way one day I held the principal of the pre-school hostage and threw  stones at her,then ran off to my big brother”s school up the road.The teachers and principal followed me to the school where I later negotiated with both schools for them to let me study there since my big brother was also there.Mom and dad agreed, so there I was sitting in a grade 1 class at the age of five!cool,ain"t it???

 3 years later South Africa won it"s democracy and I had already finished my grades,I was now in standard 1 “they schools” was on fire.I remember vividly a fight broke out for welfare food,it was peanut butter bread,dry biscuits and kool aid,which my friend Goodwin and I were collecting from all the classes to sell to other kids in the village.I remember the fight vividly cause I lost a piece of my ear that day and I still have the scars to prove it.Looking back that was the armed revolution,(more about that later).On the playground I was legendary and had the whole primary school playing toy soldiers.I was the captain and had organised an army of class mates.We made water and sand bombs in  plastic bags then challenged other classes,always the seniors to war at lunch time and after school.

I was becoming notorious but the teachers liked me because my mother was one of them,just at another school.They knew each other on a first name basis,Parents were complaining about dirty school uniforms but I’m sure favors were pulled to make sure I never got kicked out.My parents finally made it out of my Grand-Ma”s house,to a middle class suburb in town.
I was doing my last years of primary school anyway and I was 13 going thru adolescence.My parents put me in a private christian school and my neighbours were now white and so were the teachers at my new school .Things had changed drastically,democracy was new and multi racial societies were just beginning.The white girl next door was nice to me and used to let me ride on her bike since a soccer ball was the only toy I had...(life as a shawty shouldn't be so rough)ok,time for a lil Ad Break,even Bloggers gotta pay the bills,please do give them a call for all your IT needs.

back to the program,where was we? oh yes..My new hood and them white kids.

The white boys in my neighbourhood didn”t like it.I was getting threats and sneak attacks ,
but deep down inside I knew them boys wanted to be my friend.They were not racists,
their parents might have been racist but they were not,they just didn”t know how to act in the new south Africa and neither did I,so we got into fights on a daily.Luckily my front opposite was black and he was a black belt Karate Kid,he always wore a karate robe,so I thought it would be useful to have him as a friend,turned out to be my best friend and 15 years later we still have the occasional beer.

I was doing well at my new school and was elected head prefect and my English had improved but I also had my first experience with drugs.As head prefect I used to bust guys with Ganja and one day I took some home after confiscating it.I smoked it with my new friend David,the front opposite guy(The Karate Kid).I eventually lost my head prefect badge to a boy called Abram whom I would later meet in high school.

In my neighbourhood, Me,David(the front opposite guy )&Joyne(the white girl,next door) always rolled together.It wasn”t long before one of the cool(non-racist) white boys offered us a blunt to smoke.David went to an Afrikaans school so he could easily communicate with the boers in my hood.The white boy”s nick name was 2 pac and he sort of introduced us to the hood and we now had his protection from unruly white boys.I was now done with middle school and went for an interview at a multi racial high  school called Grenvile,which was predominatly white but there were also some black beauties in there and I immediately wanted to go to that school.I aced the interview and easily got in.

My neighbourhood,Rustenburg North was like a mining camp really,there were a lot of empty houses owned by the mines,we used them as smoking areas most of the time and occasionally threw parties in there.Joyne had 2 step brothers who moved in with her,Shane and Clint they were called.We all went to the same school and had become good friends.We were into skippping class or bunking school all together to smoke weed,drink and play games on playstation the whole day..Soon that became boring and we got into hijacking cars and house breaks.I had a cousin called Karabo but I nick named him Cappuchino and he moved in with my family since our crib was closer to his school.Just down the street moved in Tsholo and Matiki who joined forces with us.

Tsholo”s brother had a gun,a baby brown and Matiki always had a knife with him.He was into pavement robbery.There were 2 coloured girls who I went to school with,Raisa and Nicole.Nicole was a super model and they were heavily influenced by hip hop,which was also our music of choice.Never under estimate the inspiration of love-that”s what got us into stealing cars.

The neighbourhood was buzzing and u picked up girls more easily if u had a car. David had the hearts for Nicole-so in order to impress her, he suggested we steal his father”s car and go spin it in front of Nicole”s house.David”s father drove a toyota conquest which we could easily open and start with a spoon but we diidn”t get very far.We were so nervous we crashed the car before we got to Nicole”s house.David drove right into a tree but that doesn"t matter cause now we knew something about stealing cars.

The following week it was Shane”s father s car we decided to steal.We bunked school as usual,we used the same procedure,unlocked it and started it using a knife after the spoon failed then we took it for a spin and brought it back hours later without  a scratch.David was grounded and used to sneak out of his mama”s crib,till one day he lost his spare keys which he had cut for himself,which lead us to check if we could maybe open his crib with the keys from my house and to our astonishment they worked.Once again,we had learnt something new...

We were quickly fading into the life of crime,We knew how to steal cars,how to break into houses and we had a gun.Soon our clique was well known on the streets and we were getting a lot of respect,the love from the girls was flooding in,we had groupies of all races.We always had money from our criminal activities.It was the annual Rustenburg Easter Show and I was balling in money like Judas.This girl called,Lemang had a thing for me,she was a bit older than me but I took her home anyway.It wasn”t rape but it also couldn”t have been love cause I made it clear on the way home that we were gonna fuck When we get to my mother”s house.I was breaking my virginity and didn”t know how to use a condom,My glamorous image was at stake if I didn”t fuck her properly…

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I remember playing some busta rhymes but she wanted boys to men.I had learned how to take a girl”s clothes off and unstrip a bra from all the porn I collected from Shane”s house.
The kissing was nice almost got lost in it,putting the condom on was the hardest part,anyway I penetrated her and just when I was about to cum,my big brother whom I shared the room with,walked in with his girlfriend! Mxm,I was pissed off.I wasn”t even thinking a foursome,he was supposed to be away for the weekend.So,I grabbed the girl”s hand and dragged her to my cousin”s room who was still out at the show.That”s when I fucked her properly,I'm talking kissing,caressing,licking,foreplay,oral and everything in between,peaches and cream...I popped her cherry right but I wanted it to be known that I was fucking the nicest so I took her to the after party which was held at my friend”s house down the street and made sure we had sex in an unlocked room with the curtains open so that the audience can watch me lose my virginity. Epic!That"s how I lost my Virginity,now let"s talk about how I survived...

We were getting in too much trouble,Invading other neighbourhoods and causing riots.I was the first one to do a bid,after I got arrested for house breaking but I ain”t snitch.It wasn"t a big deadl,If you grew up in my neighbourhood and you were a boy and hadn't been to jail,you were labelled either gay or a nerd.The judge let it slide and dismissed it as a joy ride plus it was my first crime,that I got caught of and I was still in school after that I decided to keep it on the lowand  got a part time job as a maths tutuor and The funny thing was,I wasn”t even doing maths as a subject in high school meanwhile David was robbing computers from private school labs,he soon got caught out and was forced to drop out.I managed to complete my matric along with Clint. Shane was seeing a psychiatrist at the time for all our troubles we had been through,he had seen too much as a white boy.There was a time when he just wanted to be black and grow dreads but it wasn"t that sleep.Shane eventually went overseas after he fell in love online with a play-boy model. I told him not to do it but he did,anyway I went on to study IT at Pc training and business college.

I met a girl named Portia there,who changed my whole point of view on religion-coincidentally Abram,the boy who took over me as head prefect in middle school and went to high school with me,and also later registered at the same college as me,both of us,former head prefects never made it to Varsity.I was also studying accountancy plus still holding down the maths tutoring job.I was at my prime and Portia made me feel like I could do anything in the world

Portia was beautiful,an Angel on earth,sexy and smart.I fell in love.At first everything was practical,she wore short skirts,kept her cleavage exposed and she loved hip hop,she was so cool.I asked her out for some ice cream and rum by a restaurant called purple cow.I was hooked on her and her ideas,I was in love and everything was rosy until the campus hired a corny,new religious professor towards the end of the year.He was spending way too much time with Portia and seemed like he had ulterior motives.I personally thought he was snake!

Suddenly Portia didn”t like the bad boy that was me anymore,She started wearing long robes and talked religiously,I was hella mad!!!I felt betrayed,I felt like God had stolen the only girl I had Come to love...❤

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The was a IT job tutor offer on the table from the campus(PC training) for who ever could get the best marks at the end of the semester.I had a feeling our new professor had already reserved it for my girl, Porche(Portia) and I was right.....Motherfucker!!

I Studied hard and passed with a distinction at the end of the semester,coming out top of my class but she got the job anyway.I felt betrayed by the universe and didn"t want anything to with Education.I quit my part time Maths Tutoring Job at Kumon and desperately wanted to start my own company.I was depressed,listening to a lot of deadprez and now a heavy weed smoker and alcoholic.I thought a lot about my younger days,my homies and the life of crime we had been brought up in....I left that thought pondering  at,"I didn"t choose the thug love,The thug life chose me" and just when I thought I was in love and ready to leave it all behind,God took it all away from me by turning my girl into a church girl,I Guess it"s true what the bible says,"The Lord giveth and The lord takes".

We were getting older and life was leading us towards different paths, Tsholo passed his matric and went to varsity in Pretoria.Matiki ran away from home and dropped out of school,He ran away because of his wealthy,very wealthy but abusive father.Portia moved into my neighrbourhood so she could be closer to her new job.I accidentally bumped into her when she was on one of her watchtower missions and that"s when I found out she lived in my hood.It wasn't bad enough that she had broken my heart and stole my career path,But now she had come back to pick up the broken pieces of my shatttered heart and stab me with them.

One cold afternoon I decided to pay her a visit by her new crib,which was just down my street but I found Moses there,My former professor,MotherFucker!!.They were sharing a bible script over a candle lit room,As innocent as this might seem to sound,In my mind, it looked like they were having passionate,raw,unprotected sex.I could"t take it ,I literally broke down in front of them,took out my pocket knife and wanted to slit my wrists right there,I cried. Moses thought I was possessed by demons,Portia was a bit more sympathetic,she told me that love is dangerous in the wrong hands,This comforted me cause at least she realised that I love her.

Since that cold afternoon,Portia kept her distance from me,avoided me like a plague and eventually moved out of my neighbourhood. I found out about this when I went to her house and  was greeted with a sign written "House To Let'...She left without even saying goodbye,I took it as a sign from the Almighty lord and put up a sign in front of my house saying ”REVOLUTIONARY COMPUTER SALES AND REPAIRS” now open for business.Only problem was I had no computers to sell nor tools to fix them with....

I Desperately needed computers,parts and tools(old or new),I remembered how my best friend,David had stolen computers from private schools when we were still "hustling" and had told me"You have to be in school to do it". Boy,Did I wish I had not spent all that money we made from the life of crime living a life crime,most of the money we made went to house parties,bitches,and weed...It"s like Jay z once said in his raps,"The streets taught us to spend our money foolish!'So I Smartened up and  went back to school.I registered to further my IT studies at Boston Business college.My plan was to basically steal as many computer parts as possible from the school,But I soon found out the was also money to steal as I was the Principal"s favorite and she often left me alone in her office,with all that tution money in the drawer!!!.I stole a lot of money and computer parts to run my newly opened  business and customers were streaming in and soon there was more demand so I had to hit other colleges but I couldn"t also register there so I made  accompliances within other colleges.They went by the names,Marcus and Montanna,and they also introduced me to other elements of crime like,fraud....More of that in the next Episode! Peace and do join us at our freestyle friday event.

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Business was doing so good I decided to quit my part time tutoring job,My job was not the only thing I quit, I also quit school next semester not because of my thieving ways,I never got caught for that but I quit because I felt registration fees were too high and they were ripping my parents off,I told the principal to suck my dick and dropped out! Shit,that was a life changing moment right there.Come to think of it,had it been 2015 I could have been the one to spark the #feesmustfall revolution but it was 2002 and nobody gave a fuck about fees must fall.Looking back I should have not done that,I could have been somewhere else in life right now maybe head of IT at some company but anyway I was now officially a college drop out but I knew my parents were not gonna like that,even if I believed I was saving them a few bucks!Marcus and Montanna taught me how to fake shit,fraud.I started with my report,giving my self an A+ on every subject. My parents were so proud of me that they gave me money to go for driving lessons,well that was exciting until I failed my drivers licence because of some racist dude who was testing me.I thought screw it,I can fake that too.So I went and bought my licence and was again my parents were so proud of me but deep down inside I was so sick,I felt like I was becoming a fake and had to distance myself from Marcus and Montanna. Come to think of it, that was a good move because Marcus is currently doing time in jail and Montanna is now a street kid,living off dustbins and addicted to all sorts of drugs.I guess biggie smallz was right " A mind is a terrible thing to waste"

I was rolling solo and decided that Fraud is not my style I was more of a ladies man and a business man at heart.Days went by and one evening David burned his crib down after a night of heavy drinking and scuffles at a local tavern.I'm not sure if he was the culprit though cause we made enemies,He could have just taken the fall for that or been to drunk to rememcer what really happened,to this day nobody really knows what happened but I know what happened earlier that night.We got into a bloody fight with a gang leader from the other side of town and I still have the scars to prove,it was a fight over territory,whores and dough.He was badly wounded when he fled with his peoples and swore revenge and wrath upon us.

Any way David"s family had to now relocate to the east of Rustenburg,and having distanced myself from Marcus and Montanna,and with David now moving away I was running out of friends and soldiers and now looked vulnerable.The once all white northren surburb of rustenburg was now turning into the slums.Nigerians had infiltrated, drugs and prostitution was the order of the day,It had become a gangstaer”s Paradise.

My cousin capuchhino failed his matric and went on to open a car wash.I was left on my own,no friends and heavily into weed and hip hop,since I was no longer in school where I stole my supplies,my business was running out of stock and I was slowly going broke,things weren”t working out so well,with the little cash that I had, I took a small vacation to joburg.
The city of gold as it was popularly known.I now wanted to be a rap star and joburg was the hollywood version of south Africa,I came close but no cigar,Ironically it was when I went back home that I became a rap star,but U will read that later on in the book.I got a taste of the big city and I was loving it,I was hanging out with the big stars,h2o,optical illusion,the whole y-fm crew and basically everyone who was at the fore front of S.A hip hop at that time.Just when I was about to release a hit Record,Shit,I pushed my budget too far and I ran out of cash…

This is what happened,I was with my cousin,Capachino in downtown joburg recording a song I had featured him on,We recorded it,It was an instant hit and everybody in the studio was loving it,we were so happy until we found out we owed over R5 000 for the track.I didn”t have that kinda cash on me,We ran out of the studio and caught a taxi back to Rustenburg.since then I”ve been obsessed with becoming a rap star.I missed joburg and the taste it left in my mouth.In rustenburg I was depressed,A shadow of the man I used to be.

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Now back to our regular Program!
Matiki finally came back home and his father treated him like the prodigal son.Got him a job and bought him a car,things were looking up.I met this fella named Matizo who was also heavily into weed and hip hop.It was cool kicking it with Matizo since he knew a whole lot about Joburg and was well connected that side.He was studying towards  a degree in UJ and had really high hopes for the future.He was a motswakolista and really kept my dreams of being an artist alive but when varsity re-opened and he had to go back to Joburg,I was left entertaining myself with my favorite hobby, pimping!.I had the hottest whore in town,her name was Tumi and she used to sell her booty so that we could have some money for weed,alcohol and stuff.I was back to my old self but I didn”t really like it but that"s the way it is when you live in Rusty.,I knew a better life existed in Joburg and I would tell Tumi a lot about Joburg and the destiny that awaits me there.I was getting into too many fights and making frequent appearances at the police station once again.I don"t know if I mentioned this but my moms was a teacher and Tumi was her student back in the day,She warned me that Tumi used to suck dick in high school and that she was just another whore with no future,My moms always been rude to the skanks I brought home but she was right Tumi was way too ratchet for me.

I got to know Tumi and we became close friends,I accepted that she was whore and I wasn't gonna hit that but it didn't mean I could pimp that.She introduced me to some of her whore friends and pretty soon I got the drill.Guys would pick them up and leave me with some cash,I didn"t mind,I wasn"t tempted to fuck them whores and they felt well protected around me.

One day Tumi went out with a client in a fancy ride,She told me the client was her former High school teacher and she used to suck his dick for better marks and stuff.What she diidn"t tell me was that she resented him,A couple of hours later Tumi came back in the driving seat of the client"s car.I was thinking what kinda dumb fuck would let a whore drive around in his family car?She stopped the car next to me,opened the passenger seat and said,"listen,We don't have a lot of Time!Get in! I stole this teacher"s ride so we can both run away to Joburg and live our Dream" That"s when I knew she was Nuts! Perhaps a bit too much like me,How could I have a whore for a doppelganger,should have stuck with the Christian girl.We were not gonna get very far anyway cause a couple of minutes later the cops came thru with the teacher on the passenger seat and yet he still begged them to pardon her.The power of sucking dick! 

Shit got escalated when a friend of mine who stayed in the same street as me got murdered and I was the prime suspect since I was with him the night he got murdered.I swear I never committed the crime and to this day the cops still don”t know who did it either.After that Incidents I decided that I had,had enough of Rustenburg.I said Fuck It!I was sick of this shit and wanted to leave! For Good! Next stop was PTA but I"ll tell u all about it in the next Episode cause it"s time to pay the bills!

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I headed to pretoria where my boy Tsholo was studying and had to crash at his flat for a few weeks,flat broke till I found a lousy job as a call centre agent and could afford my own apartment .I started looking for my own spot and headed for sunny side Pretoria where I met the prettiest girl,her name was Daisy and she was quite a flower.It was love at first sight and she felt it too.We was in the same boat,we were both looking for a flat to rent.She took the apartment upstairs and I took the room downstairs.This was tragic love in the making.The first night she had pity on me since I was to sleep on the floor cause I didn”t have my own bed,she invited me to share a bed with her.
Her soul was a hip hop museum,she was a designer and a artist,we fell in love.I felt like I had met my other halve.she inspired me and I did well at work,I was promoted to be a deputy team leader for the call centre I was grinding at.She was the one,my life was complete and I was content but something happened...Something very tragic happened,Her father passed away and she had to go back to her home town in mafikeng for the funeral.Sadly,she never came back and I lost contact with her.I was shattered!
My life became empty again.I could not understand why heavens would send me an angel,Only to use her pretty wings to fly way from me.I no longer believed in love and I longed for that joburg feeling again,I thought if I could be a rap star and appear on T.V she would come back to me...Mxm,Silly me.
I was getting sloppy at work and started receiving several warnings.I eventually got fired and Evicted.Pretoria had lost it"s salt for me and I wasn"t ready to go back home.I co-habited for a while with some chick i hated,I hated her so much I can"t even remember her name.Life sucked and I decided to head to Joburg or rather johustlebug as they call it, The city of dreams…

As soon as I landed there I got a call from a IT company in Sandton offering me a job as an IT administrator.I was over the moon and called my mom to let her know what had happened.God bless that woman.I had relatives in Turfontein,the south of joburg so I decided to go crash by my Aunt for roughly 2 weeks before I met Paul,He was a full blooded zulu and a ZCC member.He offered me a place to rent for close to nothing by his crib which was a complex in Bellavista,One of the roughest neighbourhoods but I thought I was was prepared.I had to crash on the couch and the electricity often cut and we had a problem with the drainage system when it rained.

My only friend was fikile banda,affectionatley know as Phix,One of the tightest motswako artists whom I got introduced to by my Home Boy Matizo.Soon we were touring round Joburg,drinking,rapping(mostly ciphers and freestyles) and I was loving it but my home living was kinda embarrasing.I needed my own space so I decided to move out of Bellavista after a couple of run ins with the cops and having been robbed of my cellphone by local thugs I couldn”t get along with.

I had found a house to invade or extort rather.It was in Kennilworth,a nearby neighbourhood,I settled in with ease. God or my guardian Angel must have been on the look out cause I got the Cottage house for free and it had water,electricty and a swimming pool.I also made some good friends,I met a guy by the name of Cecil,who was well connected in Kennilworth.My life was a movie once again,doing shows at clubs and getting groupie love.I was getting lost in the hip hop hype meanwhile I lost focus on my day job,Often not attending and going to work drunk.I took leave and went back home to chill with my family.They were happy for me but after a couple of days back home, Mom wasn”t happpy with my stay and whores once again wanted to fucks with me.

I couldn”t bear the thought of being depressed and going thru it all over again,the pimping of my past life.I decided to bounce back to joburg within a week.Funny thing is when I got back to joburg... I immidiately felt at home.I was getting a lot of love and becoming very popular then 2010 came.It was the soccer world cup and the world had come to visit South Africa.I was mostly high and drunk through out the duration of the world cup and rolling with cool kids,the likes of Cecil,Brendon,Pule,Inez,Lesego,Sparks,Dk,Duke.I was lucky enough to get a blow job for free from a white whore at the opening game of the world cup.She was from poland and she nearly sucked the skin off my dick.In short it was a awesome experience considering she sucked my dick in the backseat of a policeman”s car called Martin,oh well,he was a corrupt cop.

The aftermath of the world cup was a disaster.Our former president,Jacob Zuma once claimed it never happened.It left many jobless including me,I lost my job in Sandton and found myself unemployed staying in an abondened house in Turfontein,one of the roughest neighbourhoods in the south of joburg.The nigerian peeps I was staying with,turned out to be Drug peddlers and One night the house got shot up by thugs And I was lucky enough not get touched but I also took it as a sign that my time in joburg was up.I wrote a whole lot of hip hop songs and went to perform the walking song with Cecil at Café da oasis and wrote a farewell letter on facebook(A social media platform).I auctioned all my furniture and sold all that I could sell and with just one bag said goodbye to joburg…I had fun and knew one day I would come back as King!

 I was the most depressed and disappointed person on earth when I got back to Rustenburg but you are about to find out that god works in mysterious ways and that some misfortunes are blessings in disguise and that when one door closes another opens.The beginning and the End.Really there is no end,I thought I was a disgrace to my friends and family alike,I believed I had dismally failed in life and was very suicidal.